Memorial Military Museum

Our Mission is to honor, to preserve, to explore Bristol’s military heritage.

Current exhibit in The Jack Denehy Gallery:

“OVER HERE, OVER THERE: Bristol in World War I” will explore our community’s great involvement with The Great War both on the home front and the battlefields. A wounded Bristol soldier wrote from his hospital bed in France: “We can’t get away from Bristol products here, the brass in our shells and cartridges, the buttons…on our uniforms. Before I was hit, I was riding down a Chateau Thierry road on an old bike…It had a New Departure coaster brake…At Vaux, on the one standing wall of a completely demolished house I saw a Sessions clock ticking away…All these things have Wallace Barnes springs…the light Browning machine gun I handled as well as most of our weapons. This is also true of the new planes that are beginning to arrive.”

The exhibit and accompanying programs will continue through November 2018.