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BHS “Profiles of Courage” Ornament

BHS Asks You to Share Your Experience

BHS Asks You to Share Your Experience Along with other historical societies and associations throughout the country, the Bristol Historical Society is also interested in seeking input from Bristol residents during the corona virus health crisis. To document these experiences for future generations we would like to hear from all age groups. The following variety of questions are examples; other topics and experiences are most welcome: Have you kept a journal? How did you spend the day? How many books have you read to your children? How did you support ...

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Civil War was brutal, foul, filled with disease

Bristol Press, Friday July 22, 2016 BRISTOL — The Civil War was the bloodiest period in American history, but streets were also choked with horse manure, making it the smelliest. This Tom LaPorte made clear Thursday at the Bristol Historical Society. ESPN’s John Banks had intended to speak on the lives of Connecticut soldiers who fought in the civil war, but was forced to cancel due to family emergency. Bristol Historical Society President Mike Saman called in LaPorte, who is an avid collector of Civil War memorabilia. To lighten the mood, ...

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